Retreat Rules

ILCS Retreat-Rules **** UPDATED JUNE 2011 ****

Deposit for the retreat is $50.

In order to have voting rights as to where and when the retreat is to be held, $25 is required.

The remaining $25 will be due one month before the retreat.

If you did not make the $25 deposit for the vote you can still come to the retreat if you make the $50 deposit by the due date (one month before the retreat).

Please do not make a deposit if you do not plan on attending the retreat. Deposits can be made by PayPal to or check or money order to Karin's home address (email her for address).

What is your deposit money used for?
• Meeting room
• Eating together
• Postage of thank you notes to all the designers that send us patterns
• Feeding designer(s) that attend the retreat
• Gas money for those that drive us around during the retreat
• Postage to send charts to those that paid and couldn't attend

If there is any money left over it is divided up to those that attend the retreat. If there is a shortage to pay for the above items, then retreat attendees are required to pitch in to cover the expenses. At the Indiana, Tennessee, and New Jersey retreats, attendees received small refunds. At all the other retreats, attendees had to pay extra to cover all the expenses.

Classes are free and dependent upon a designer or attendee teaching one. There is no requirement to take a class, and no attendee is required to give a class. If teaching a class, there is a limit on what can be spent for materials. Materials for a class can not exceed $40. If a class will be more, please send a list to the group of what is needed for the class and we can pull our materials together of the class.

• Once a retreat is held in a state, another retreat can't be held there for five years. Arkansas is out til 2013, Tennessee is out til 2014, Missouri is out til 2015 and New Jersey is out til 2016.

• It is expected that the person who suggested the winning location will be the one to do the bulk of the planning, since she either knows the area or is interested in doing the research to go there.

• It is hoped that anyone who lives in or near the chosen location, or who has visited the location, will volunteer to help in the planning.

• Non-US ladies are more than welcome to attend, but there is absolutely no reason why the non-US ladies can't plan their own get-together. :) ...or swing the vote to make the retreat location overseas!